Simedis secures millions in financing

St. Gallen Digital Health Startup simedis has focused on virtual reality simulators for physicians. Now it was able to conclude a financing round of five million francs. The aim is to expand the team to 30 people and thus speed up the demand.

Simedis AG develops virtual reality simulators for medical education and training in all minimally invasive specialist areas. The data for the simulations come from real computed tomography and MRI images. These can reproduce simedis simulators in 3D. The technology also makes it possible to train operations with images of a patient who is later to undergo real surgery. This allows physicians to learn and train a large number of different procedures and anatomical situations on extremely realistic „virtual patients“, similar to pilot aviation training in commercial aviation.

The simulators are also used as an eye-catching and cost-effective marketing and training tool in a customized version for medical device manufacturers. By incorporating manufacturer-specific instruments and implants in the simulations, the St. Gallen startup provides these manufacturers with a powerful tool.

The five million francs now generated will flow into development as well as into sales development. CEO Matijas Cosic says: „Over the next two years, we will be able to double our team to nearly 30 employees and thus be able to meet the demand on the market much faster. We are very pleased to have reached this important milestone in our young company history and look to the future with great confidence. „

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