Simedis wins the Startfeld Diamant award

Simedis from St.Gallen was awarded the Young Entrepreneurs Award of the St.Galler Kantonalbank “Startfeld Diamant” on June 7th. In addition to the winner, four other finalists were awarded: Advertima, Dagsmejan, Faitron and Vigilitech.

With the award for young and innovative companies, five companies are supported and supported by the St.Galler Kantonalbank each year with advice, training and prize money totaling CHF 50,000. In addition, the start-up companies have access to a broad knowledge and contact network throughout Eastern Switzerland. A total of 38 start-up companies have applied this year for the sixth ever Young Entrepreneur Award.

“Flight simulator for doctors”
The main prize of this year’s starting field Diamant wins Simedis AG for their medical virtual reality simulators. These enable physicians to learn and train surgical procedures and anatomical situations in extremely realistic virtual patients.

The jury was impressed by the innovation: it is a unique technological concept that allows a one-to-one simulation that is even faster and more realistic than that of its competitors. The simulator makes it possible to carry out any number of different operations in the exact same manner as in the training and training of flight pilots. The benefits that the company creates are enormous and follow the clear vision: to shorten the medical training and thus to make it more efficient and thus also to increase patient safety. The use of the simulators also promotes the global exchange of knowledge: With the help of the simulators, it is possible for specialists all over the world to be able to exchange exact knowledge about specific surgical techniques or about particularly complex and rare individual cases.

Also praiseworthy is the business model of Simedis. The market is huge and the potential is enormous. Three key words make this clear: skyrocketing healthcare costs, growing demands on patient safety and increasing complexity of medical interventions. At the same time, Simedis serves two important target customer segments: on the one hand, the university clinics that train the doctors, and on the other, the medtech companies that want to sell medical devices to the hospitals.

Last, but not least, the jury acknowledged the commitment to the location of St.Gallen. The company was founded here and wants to stay here. Another decisive factor was the immediate proximity to the Cantonal Hospital of St.Gallen, which significantly supported the project with experts, know-how and expert support and continues to support it.

Further innovations from Eastern Switzerland awarded
In addition to the winner Simedis AG, four finalists of the starting field Diamant were awarded with 5’000 francs each. Advertima can use artificial intelligence to analyze the external appearance of people, allowing them to provide customers with accurate information or services. Dagsmejan from St.Gallen manufactures pajamas with the help of high-tech textiles, which can positively influence sleep. Faitron has designed the world’s fastest heatable lunchbox, which heats meals anywhere and anytime. And finally, the start-up company Vigilitech from Heiden has developed a system that can wirelessly monitor the medical data of small animals and pass them on for analysis tools.

This year’s awards are also a vote for the innovative strength of the St.Gallen region: Four of the five finalists come from St.Gallen, three of which are located in the Entrepreneurship Network Startfeld, the innovation center for start-ups and start-ups in the St.Gallen Lake Constance region.

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